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  • Majstor Majs-Strö Cat Litter 10 liter

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  • Majstor Majs-Strö Lump-free 10 liters

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Cat litter

At Majstor you will find quality and environmentally friendly cat litter that is 100% degradable and compostable. We have chosen to let corn granules form the basis of our cat litter in order to be able to offer as gentle and environmentally friendly products as possible. The corn-cob has undergone a patented process where it is compressed into small absorbent grains which quickly form into lumps when they come in contact with liquid. This allows you to easily and efficiently replace the cat litter when it is time to clean the box. Corn-cob also effectively removes bad smells that occur when your cat walks on the box, which makes Majstors Majs-Strö a good choice for you who want to offer the best for your cat.

Gentle cat litter without chemicals

Our Corn-Grain cat litter contains neither bentonite nor silica and can easily be composted, for example, when it is time to change. It can be used by both kittens and older cats and our lump-free Majs-Strö (Corn-Grain) is also excellent to use as a base in cages for rodents, birds and reptiles. To maintain a fresh environment for your friend, you should daily discard the lumps that have formed and refill with the same amount of new cat litter. In addition, all litter should be replaced at least once a month, or more often if needed. Because our cat litter is free of chemicals and clay, they are compostable and 100% degradable.

Creates a fresh and dust-free environment

Just like for us humans, it is important for cats to stay in a fresh and pleasant environment. This also applies to the litter box. Our Majs-strö (Corn-grain) is therefore odorless and effectively removes the smell of ammonia and other things that can occur where your cat pees and poops. As soon as your cat uses the box, the cat litter will form into lumps that encapsulate the odor and liquid, which not only makes it fresher for your cat, but also makes it much easier for you to clean and replace the sand. The corn litter is also dust-free it doesn't swirl up in your face when you pour it into the box or dust your cat when it scratches around.

Find your environmentally friendly and gentle cat litter here with us at Majstor and create a pleasant and fresh environment for your cat. Try and notice the difference from other products that don't have the same absorbency or are able to eliminate the bad smell in an equally effective way. Feel free to check out our other products such as nutritious cat food and soft cat beds if you want to offer your cat the very best.


If you live in a house, many municipalities charge a fee when they collect garbage. There is a lot of money to be saved here compared to bentonite as Majstor cat litter weighs very little in itself.