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Boost your dog or cat with a balanced supplement of MSM, EPA, DHA MSM-Sulfur. Methylsulfonylmethane is an important component of collagen. Collagen is a fiber protein that is found mainly in tissues around bones, skin & tendons.

MSM facilitates the natural formation of collagen in the body.

EPA, DHA – Omega3 fatty acids have a positive effect on skin, fur, chlorine, gastrointestinal tract, kidney function, vision, cardiovascular system and joint mobility.

Phoscalim – Calcium-rich marine extract that is easily absorbed to strengthen the skeleton.

This product contains fishmeal. If your dog or cat is sensitive to fish, we recommend that you choose another product.


Dog & Cat
1-5kg – ½ tablet per day.
5-10kg – 1 tablet per day
10-30kg – 2 tablets per day
30kg + 3 tablets per day

One pill (1.6g) contains

Fish liver flour 369mg, MSM 138mg, hydrolyzed fishmeal (phoscalim®) 93mg (rich in calicum 21-24%, phosphorus 10-12%), natural flavor 240mg