Carrot Sprinkles 1,5kg

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Carrot sprinkles are a good addition of extra fiber.
Carrot sprinkles are especially suitable for mixing with Majstor freeze-dried products.

For example, if you choose to cook yourself or as an extra addition to your dog.
Maybe your dog needs to lose a few grams and feels constantly hungry.

If your dog has a very hard stomach, carrot sprinkles can help.

Carrot sprinkles contain a lot of nutrition and the benefits can be many.
Carrot sprinkle of 100% carrots as a complement to a varied diet.

Net weight 1500g 

Feeding instructions:
1 spoon for 1-10kg dog
2-3 spoons 10-20kg dog

Soak in lukewarm water, at least 10 minutes before serving.
About 1 dl water / per spoon sprinkle

Carrots 100%,
Analytical constituents: Crude fiber 20.7%, water 9.4%,
crude protein 5.5%, crude ash 5.6%, crude fat 1.6%