Majstor Majs-Strö Cat Litter 10 liter

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– Natural cat litter
– Lumping
– Capsules in odor
– Weighs a little

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Get a cleaner litter box – with less litter!

Unlike clay cat litter, uses a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn into
concentrated granules that trap odor deep inside and form tight clumps on contact.
Thanks to the concentrated power of corn – you can do more with less litter.
So clean that you can throw the clumps in the household waste. And no smell.


• Natural cat litter.
• Organic environmentally friendly vegetable cat litter, made of bio-degradable corn
• Go to flush the toilet or composted.
• Sucks in liquid form soft lumps.
• Very affordable.
• An environmentally friendly alternative.
• No Bentonite.
• No Silica.

Features: Clumps fast, stops odors, chemical-free, clay-free
Intended Pets: Adult cats & kittens
Material: Naturally processed corn.
Color: Yellow.
Package Weight: 22lb.

Cleaning Instructions: Scoop and discard solid waste daily. Top the box off to maintain
3"of litter. Change entire box monthly or as needed.


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