Majstor VEGGIE 6 x 375g

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Vegetarian blends is a good variation between wet and dry foods. Vegetarian dog food can also be a good complement to pure meat or be suitable for sensitive dogs or dogs with allergies.


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Lacto-ovo-vegetarian dog food

Vegetarian dog food can be a good complement to pure meat. It may also be suitable for sensitive dogs with allergies. Being lacto-ovo-vegetarian does not pose major nutritional challenges for either humans or dogs.

In fact, eggs have the highest biological value of all protein sources that are commonly used in many pet foods.

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Vegetables 10% (6% carrots, 6% parsnip, 5% peas, 5% tomato, 2% cassava, 2% sweet potato, 2% spinach, 2% fennel, 2% zucchini) 10% cottage cheese, 8% egg powder, 3% oatmeal, 2% sunflower oil, 2% flaxseed oil, 3% blueberries, 1% minerals, 1% brewer’s yeast, 0.1% yucca, 0.1% cranberry


6.5% protein, 6% fat, 2.2% ash, 1.20% fiber, 72% water

NFE 12,10

Kcal 119/100g

Feeding Table

Weight kg Daily portion (g/day)
2,5 160-200
5 260-365
10 445-600
15 600-830
20 750-1000
25 890-1200

This table is to be considered as guidance, the amount may vary depending on the dog’s physical status, genetics, age, etc. Always have access to fresh water.