Zglob – For increased joint comfort

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Zglob is a human-grade dietary supplement / supplement that promotes the musculoskeletal system in older dogs. Zglob contains MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin, bosweila hyaluronic acid which are all known for beneficial properties for joints.

In many cases dietary supplement helps to keep your dog in good shape. We have put together a dietary supplement with a mixture of carefully selected ingredients that is most often associated with positive properties in joints. Some are said to have a documented effect, some effect or just hearsay. This combination together with keeping your dog in shape in terms of weight, strengthening muscles, for example with swimming, and feeding with a good nutritious clean food is a step in the right direction for a more mobile and pain-free life.


MSM- Contains sulfur which is said to reduce inflammation and pain in joints
Glucosamine / Chondroitin – Acts as building blocks for articular cartilage & synovial fluid
Ester-C ® – Patented form of calcium ascorbate that provides a fast and long-lasting absorption of vitamin C
Boswellia – An herb that is considered to have circulation-enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Hyaluronic acid – Found naturally in the synovial fluid and is said to have lubricating and shock-absorbing properties.

One jar contains 90 tablets

Dosage / daily

1-8 kg 1/2 tablet
9-15 kg 1 tablet
16-30 kg 2 tablets
31-45 kg 3 tablets
46-60 kg 4 tablets
+61 kg 5 tablets

One pill contain

MSM 480mg, glucosamine hcl 450mg, calcium ascorbate (Ester-C®) 120mg,
chondroitin 99mg, boswellia 30mg, hyaluronic acid 24mg,

There can be various causes of stiffness in dogs

An example is Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) is a disease that causes the cartilage in the joints to break down, leading to stiffness and pain in your dog. The symptoms are more common in older dogs. It is also more common among larger heavier dogs. Improper feeding, poor exercise, being overweight can also be a contributing factor that negatively affects. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, what you can do is relieve the symptoms by building muscle, increasing mobility, keeping the dog’s weight.

Medication – There are no medications that can cure osteoarthritis. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve pain and inflammation. In some cases, side effects such as diarrhea may occur. If your dog is in too much pain, you can in some cases inject cortisone into joints that are worst affected.