Terms and conditions for retailers

Fraktvillkor  Sverige
Alla priser exklusive svensk mervärdeskatt

För paketförsändelser med ordervärde under 1900kr tillkommer en fraktavgift med 99kr per kolli.
För paketförsändelser med ordervärde över 1900kr fri frakt

Pallförsändelser med ordervärde under 4900kr tillkommer en fraktavgift med 495kr
Pallförsändelser med ordervärde över 4900kr fri frakt

Prices and payment EU
All prices excluding VAT

Package shipments with value up to 300€ the shipping fee is 19€
Package shipment with value over 300€  free shipping

Pallet shipments with value up to 800€ the shipping fee is 49€
Pallet shipment with value over 800€ free shipping

Payment terms: Advance / cash or 10 days after credit approval.

Shipping Provider

We use Schenker and DHL. They deliver to your store or warehouse.

Delivery time

Usually 3 – 5 working days.

Damage to package

If you find any damage to the package, you must immediately notify the shipping provider and make a claim. Do not retrieve a damaged package! If you do not detect the damage until you have opened the package, and the damage is of such a nature that it can be attributed to the shipping provider’s handling, you should contact them and make a claim report. If any dispute with the freight provider cannot be resolved, please contact us.