Majstor Game & Rice 6 x 400g

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With game meat, as much as 65%, you can be sure that you are giving your dog something that it has probably never tried before. Yummy mix of deer, wild boar, deer (Varying mix depending on season and availability) offers you a natural low-allergen recipe with healthy carbohydrates in the form of rice as the only additive. Of course, all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

(The price refers to 6pcs * 400g)


65% Meat and meat by-products of game meat, 5% brown rice, 2% oats, 1% minerals, 0.5% algae,
0.5% sunflower oil.


10.4% protein, 6.6% fat, 2.3% ash, 0.4% fiber, 76% water.

Kcal 114/100g

Feeding table

Dog weight (kg) Daily serving (g / day)
2,5 190
5 320
10 540
15 730
20 910
25 1080
30 1240

This table is to be seen as a guide, the donor can vary depending on the dog’s physical status, genetics, age etc. Always have access to fresh water.